Wiksteria Lane

Virginia Hildebrand is a rich businesswoman and owner of several health spas and country clubs.


Season 5[]

She later hired Carlos to become her personal massage therapist. However, the only reason Carlos had been hired is because he had accidentally been giving her orgasms whilst massaging her.

Virginia invites Carlos and his family to her home to lounge and they eventually become good friends. She asks them to stay the night. Once they have become good friends, Virginia writes him in her will and promises him everything that she currently owns which includes her health clubs and private villa.

Carlos later introduces Virginia to Gabrielle, who instantly takes a liking to her because of her lavish lifestyle. But when she asks Juanita and Celia to call her 'grandma', Gabrielle decides she has had enough.

But Virginia and Gabrielle quickly make-up and Carlos resumes his position as her therapist. But Virginia then tries to persuade Gabrielle to send her children to a private school, where she believes they will get a better education. When Gabrielle refuses, Virginia writes the Solis' out of her will.

Virginia then attends the 'Battle of the Bands' competition at the 'White Horse Club'. However when the club catches on fire, Virginia passes out and collapses on the dance floor. Gabrielle saves her, but Virginia does not want to bother with her family anymore.

Virginia later bans the Solis' from her spa and health clubs, even though she owes Gabrielle her life.