Wiksteria Lane

"Watch While I Revise the World" is the 160th episode of Desperate Housewives.


As Susan and Carlos bond over their feelings of guilt at the murder of Gabrielle stepfather, Mike begins to think that the two are having an affair, and Bree suspects that her detective boyfriend, Chuck, may secretly be investigating her. As her marriage continues to crumble, the tables are turned on Lynette when her usually relationship-challenged sister Lydia comes to town and announces she's engaged. Meanwhile, after asking Renee to help his daughter, Jenny, go shopping for her first bra, Lee fears that the child is starting to bond more with Renee and becoming more distant from him.


Previously on Desperate Housewives[]

Tom moved out of the house. After covering up a murder, Gabby warned Bree it was a bad time to be dating a cop. Bree showed the mysterious letter to Paul, who'd seen one like it before. Carlos struggled with remorse, and discovered he wasn't the only one feeling guilty.
Mary Alice Young


Susan Delfino and Carlos Solis had never been the best of friends. Susan thought Carlos paid too much attention to other people’s opinions. And Carlos thought Susan didn’t pay attention at all. Over the years they’d never had much to say to one another… But one night, Susan found herself troubled by thoughts she couldn’t share with her spouse. While two doors down, Carlos was in the same predicament. And that’s how it came to pass, that two people who’d never had much to say to each other suddenly found they had a great deal to talk about.
803 01
Susan and Carlos don't have much to say to each other.

At a dinner party, we see Carlos, Mike, Susan, Lynette and Tom all talking together cheerfully. Susan looks over to Carlos and sees him talking to Mike, and she rolls her eyes because she thinks he cares too much about other people’s opinions. At another party, we see Susan bump into Carlos without realizing, and he spills wine over his shirt - giving her an evil glare. Then we see Susan and Carlos both sat on the opposite sides of a bench in a park, both reading individual books silently. Back in the present, Susan is laid in bed with Mike when she wakes up and gets out of bed because she’s troubled by her thoughts. At Gabby and Carlos’s house, the same happens to Carlos, and he too gets out of bed. We then see Carlos walking down Wisteria Lane past Susan’s house, just as she leaves her house. When they see each other, they both smile and wave.

803 02
Susan and Carlos explain their problems to one another.

A little while later, at the park, they’re both sat on a bench as Carlos talks to Susan. He tells her that when he left work and went into a garage, he saw Alejandro. He then says that when he looked back, it was just a random guy getting into his car. He explains his behavior isn’t his usual, and then he says that he can’t eat, sleep and he’s seeing ghosts. Susan then tells Carlos that she feels as if she’s walking around with a neon light above her head flashing “Guilty, guilty” and that everyone can see it. They both say that sometimes they feel as if they’re “losing it”. Carlos then asks Susan what happened with police assault situation, so she tells him that she has fifteen hours of community service, and that she cannot tell Mike, which is another thing she’s lying to him about. Carlos says that he cannot talk to Gabby because she’s sick of listening to his problems and then he says that, that is what makes him and Susan feel “so...” indicating that they’re close. Susan says she knows and then she tells Carlos she was hoping she’d run into him tonight. Carlos says he was too. Minutes later, as they both head back home, Susan asks if Carlos had never read To Kill a Mocking Bird, and he says he hasn’t. She tells him he’d love it and that it’s about a guy who “tries to hang on to his sense of right and wrong when the system fails him”. Carlos says he doesn’t understand that at all, just as they arrive at Susan’s house. Susan then passes Carlos his jacket back, which she was wearing. Carlos then says goodnight to Susan and he strokes her arm. As he walks away, it’s revealed Mike was watching them both from a window upstairs, and he does not look happy at all.

Yes, Susan and Carlos were starting to pay attention to one another... But what they didn’t realize, was that someone else was paying attention too.
Mary Alice Young

Act I[]

Wisteria Lane may look flawless, but that’s only because its residents are so good at concealing imperfections. They know how to make something old look new again, how to make an embarrassing mistake disappear, how to make a poor showing look like a modest victory, and how to make a friend feel better after she’s gone through a messy breakup.
Mary Alice Young
803 03
Celia adjusts her poor grade to a modest one.

We see Wisteria Lane on a warm sunny day, with children playing outside on their bikes and with their toys. We then see Mike Delfino painting a weathered white picket fence, to make it look new again. We then see Lee McDermott in his kitchen covering a “Happy Birthday” message on a cake with pink frosting, as he wrote it by mistake. And then we see Celia Solis tampering with her "C-" in a Mathematics test to make it look like a "C".

803 04
Bree tells Gaby of her suspicions about Chuck.

And finally, we see Gabrielle at Bree’s front door passing her a smoothie. Bree tells Gabby the smoothie was very thoughtful, and Gabby explains it’s from Skinny Berry and that it’s only 18 calories. She then welcomes herself into Bree’s house as she says Bree needed a “pick-me-up” after dumping Chuck. However, just as Bree tries to explain that she didn’t dump Chuck, he comes down the stairs ready for work. Gabby is shocked to see Chuck, and then she snatches her smoothie back off Bree. Chuck asks if the smoothie is from Skinny Berry, as the fraud unit is all over it because the smoothies are apparently pure ice cream. Gabby then says you can’t trust anybody, sneakily implying Bree. Chuck tells Bree to have a good day, and then he kisses her and leaves for work. The second he goes, Bree rushes over to Gabby and says she can explain, but Gabby tells her she’s crazy. Bree then tells Gabby that she thinks Chuck wrote the letter. Gabby asks why she would think that, so Bree explains that she spoke to Paul to found out who knew of Mary Alice’s letter, and when Paul confessed to Martha’s murder, Chuck was present. Gabby tries to work out why Chuck would want to blackmail Bree, so Bree suggests that he maybe wants money or to control her. Gabby then tells Bree to start snooping as they’re all in danger if Chuck knows the truth.

803 05
Lee asks Renee to take Jenny bra shopping.

Meanwhile, in Renee’s house, Renee is getting a massage off a man named Friedrich. Renee reminds him that she has hidden a tip around her body and that it is up to Friedrich to find it. She then rests her head down and sighs with relief and relaxation. However, the doorbell suddenly rings. Renee yells for the person to go away, but Lee bursts through the front door, yelling for Renee. Lee, in a panic, says he is in crisis… but then Friedrich catches his eye. He introduces himself, and Friedrich introduces himself back. Lee asks if his name is like the one in The Sound of Music, but Friedrich just gives him an odd look, making Lee realize that he’s straight. He then tells Renee he needs a huge favour for Jenny, but Renee declines. He then lies on the floor to get Renee to look at him, and he tells her that the “boob fairy” has visited, and with Bob gone, he doesn’t know what to do. He then asks Renee to take her shopping, but Renee says it’s just a bra. Lee tells Renee that bras scare him because of the numbers, letters, colors and that it’s his little girl growing up. Renee then moans “yes” in a high pitched tone, making Lee think she accepted, however, she explains that Friedrich found his tip. Lee then begs one more time, making Renee give in. Lee thanks Renee, and then as he leaves, he tries one more time to see if Friedrich is gay by yelling Ricky Martin is behind him eating a banana. Friedrich doesn’t even react, disappointing Lee greatly.

803 06
Lydia reveals she is engaged.

Later that day, over at Lynette’s house, Renee and Lynette are in the kitchen and Renee is asking Lynette to come bra shopping with her and Jenny. Lynette declines the offer and explains that she has plans. Renee asks what she’s doing, so Lynette shows her a bottle of wine and large tub of ice cream. Renee tells her not to do that to herself, but Lynette explains it’s for her sister, Lydia, as she’s coming to visit. Renee refers to Lydia as “the disaster”. Lynette then says that she called out of the blue and said she’s coming to visit… so Lynette assumes she got dumped. With that, the doorbell rings, so Renee says she’s going out the back door as she hates to see people cry as it reminds her how little she cares of people. Lynette then answers the door to see Lydia stood there, in very natural looking clothing. They both hug and Lynette, sounding shocked, says Lydia looks great. Lydia sees that Lynette thought she’d be her usual “blubbery mess of snot and tears”, but she says her life has changed because of her fiancé, Rashi. Lynette then looks over to the van parked on the street and she sees a man unloading some bags, he waves to her. Lydia then says she sorry about her and Tom, and she says she’s here to comfort her, just as she too pulls out a bottle of wine and a large tub of ice cream.

803 07
Mike questions Susan's relationship with Carlos.

Meanwhile, at Susan’s house, Mike is in the kitchen cleaning his tools as Susan walks in, carrying groceries. She apologizes for being late, and as she tries to explain why, Mike tries to get her to stop. Getting frustrated, Mike says that he just got off the phone with a man from the County, and he said something about her court order for community service for assaulting a police officer. Susan in shock, says “Oh, that”. Mike then coldly replies “Yeah, that”. Susan then explains what happened with the police officer, and she says he blew it all out of proportion. Mike then says the thing he is blowing out of proportion is that the man on the phone called him “Mr. Solis”. Susan awkwardly explains that that’s because Carlos picked her up because she was embarrassed. Mike then suspiciously asks if there’s anything going on between them both, Susan awkwardly chuckles and nods no. He then asks if he should be worried about Susan and Carlos’s midnight stroll the night before. Susan tries to joke the situation off with Mike, but it doesn’t work, so she explains that she couldn’t sleep so she went for a walk and bumped into Carlos. Mike asks what they talked about, because they barely know each other. Susan then says that Carlos is “going through something” and that she’s helping him. Mike asks what, but she says it’s personal. Mike then walks off in a huff, but Susan yells that she and Carlos are just friends. Mike then tells her that he doesn’t care that she’s friends with a guy, but he has a hard time dealing with all her sneaking around and lying.

Act II[]

803 08
Lynette decides she doesn't like Rashi.

In Lynette’s kitchen, Lynette is sat at her table with a glass of wine while she reluctantly listens to Rashi tell the story of how he and Lydia met. As he tells the story, Lydia giggles sweetly with him. Lynette gives them both a look of disgust as she sees how quirky and in love they both are. Lydia then says since they met, three weeks later they got engaged, and then she shows Lynette the ring. Lynette says “Wow, that’s some rock”, and then it’s revealed that the ring is literally a rock. Rashi says that he saw it on the beach after his class, and that it called out to him and he felt he may need it one day. Lydia then romantically says that he did, and then she tells Lynette that the universe is amazing. Lynette says it’s amazing thrifty, so Lydia gives an unimpressed, yet kind, scowl. Lynette questions why she isn’t getting a “buzz” from her third glass of wine, so Lydia explains that its alcohol free. Lydia then explains that she hasn’t had a drop to drink since Rashi did a liver-cleanse on her. Lynette congratulates Rashi’s “act”. He says it isn’t an act, just as he leaves to collect some spices from his van. The second he leaves the house, Lynette gets up and tells Lydia she can’t marry Rashi. Lydia says that she loves him and then she goes on to explain he’s leading a meditation seminar, and that Lynette should go because it could help with her marriage crashing. Lynette insists her marriage did not crash, and says that she and Tom are only separated. Lydia tries one last attempt at getting Lynette to go, but Lynette still refuses.

803 09
Carlos offers to help with Susan's community service.

Meanwhile, in a rough part of Fairview, Susan is wearing an orange high visibility jacket as she paints over some graffiti on a wall. The supervisor tells Susan not too drip paint, as its wasting money. He then tells her to hurry up, as she needs to paint over a “banana” on another wall, but Susan awkwardly points out that it isn’t a banana. As he leaves to investigate, Carlos approaches Susan, and jokingly tells her that he worked hard on the graffiti she was painting over. Susan joyfully asks what he was doing, so he says that he started reading To Kill a Mocking Bird, and that he couldn’t wait to talk to her about it. She says she can’t as she’s “beautifying the city”, so Carlos asks if she gets lunch. However, explains that Mike found out about them both, and says he feels weird about it so they shouldn’t have intimate lunches. Carlos asks why he’s weird because nothing’s going on. She then explains that them both meeting in the night and lying about it made a “red flag”. Carlos then offers to help with the “beautifying” so they can talk; however, as he picks up a vest, the supervisor returns and asks if Carlos is doing community service. Carlos says that he’s just being a good citizen, but the supervisor tells him he cannot help unless he committed a crime. Carlos asks if the man is serious, which he is… so Carlos takes a piece of paper off the man, crumples it up and throws it on the ground. The supervisor then passes Carlos’s vest back, meaning he’s now on community service for littering.

803 10
Renee and Jenny bond.

At Bob and Lee’s house, Renee and Jenny both enter, holding lots of shopping bags full of clothes. Renee tells Jenny tips on how to get a boy, Jackson, to fancy her. When they put the bags down, Lee enters and asks why they’re so late. Renee explains it’s because they went shopping. As she gives him his credit card back, she explains that she upped his limit because $3,000 wasn’t enough. Lee then asks Jenny how her day was, while using slang such as “OMG”. Jenny says that Lee is too old to say “OMG”, and then she tells Renee she’s going to try on the make-up she got her. Lee questions why Renee got Jenny make-up, as she’s only 11. Renee assures Lee that it’s only lip-gloss and then she tells Jenny to keep her informed on Jackson. Lee asks who Jackson is, but Renee says that Jenny asked her not to tell anyone. Lee says he isn’t just “anyone”, but he’s her co-father. As she starts to leave, Renee says that Jenny probably feels more comfortable talking to other girls about these things. Lee then yells in the highest voice possible that he could be a girl too.

803 11
Bree finds the photograph of her hand in Chuck's suitcase.

Later that evening, at Bree’s house, Chuck yells for Bree. She tells him she’s in the kitchen and she asks him to join her. He enters to find her cooking, he says it smells amazing and asks what it is. She tells him what it is, and then asks if he wants to help her. She tells him that he needs to constantly stir the sauce for ten minutes, which would give her time to get ready. When she arrives upstairs, she quickly shuts the door behind her; she then immediately starts rummaging through the Chuck’s belongings for clues. Roughly, after ten minutes, she finds a suitcase and opens it. Chuck yells saying he thinks it’s been ten minutes, but Bree anxiously tells him to continue. She then looks through the suitcase and finds a picture of a hand on sheets of bedding, which are the same as Bree’s. It then occurs to her that Chuck photographed her hand when she was sleeping. She continues to look through the suitcase, and she finds a sealed brown envelope with her name on it, and it has something reasonable large inside. Chuck then yells to Bree again as he comes upstairs, so Bree quickly packs the suitcase again and hides it down the side of the bed again. When he enters the room, he says he got a cramp in his shooting hand and he jokingly blames Bree for any criminals that escape in the future. Bree then offers to massage his hand, and she does so with a highly anxious and worried face.

Act III[]

803 12
Gaby tries to work out Chuck's motives.

The next morning, at Gabby’s house, Gabby tells Bree that Chuck is creep for photographing her hand whilst sleeping. Bree worriedly asks why he’d do such a thing, so Gabby suggests that he found a handprint at the crime scene and he was getting Bree’s fingerprint. Bree asks if that’s possible, but Gabby says she doesn’t know. Bree then asks what would be in the envelope, so Gabby suggests the cell phone or a piece of the shovel. Bree says that she needs to get it off him, so Gabby proposes that when he gets home in the evening to take him for a long walk, giving her the chance to sneak in and take it. Thinking it’s a good idea, Bree heads home, but it suddenly occurs to her the briefcase may be locked, but Gabby assures Bree that she can pick a lock, as adultery gave her a lot of valuable life skills.

803 13
Lee tells Renee not to interfere in his daughter's life.

Meanwhile, at Renee’s house, Jenny is laid on her bed doing her homework. She tells Renee, who’s sorting through clothes, that fractions are stupid and she’ll never need them. Renee then tells Jenny why she’d need fractions, using a true story about a divorce she had. Lee then enters the house and asks if anyone’s in, so Renee tells him to come upstairs. Jenny then says Renee would be a cool mum, and Renee is flattered. When Lee arrives upstairs, Renee asks what he’s doing, so he says he’s looking for his daughter, who’s late. Jenny says they got a bit “carried away”, to which Renee replies “totes”. Lee yells and tells her to say the whole word, so Renee asks him to calm down, but Lee asks her to “stay out of it”, as it’s between him and his daughter. Jenny tells Lee he’s embarrassing her, but he says he doesn’t care. He then asks Jenny to come home, but she says she isn’t ready to leave, so he grounds her. Highly upset, Jenny tells him he’s being unfair and runs home. Renee says he may be being too hard on her, but Lee warns Renee to back off as she’s not her mother.

803 14
Lynette and Lydia argue, unknowingly in front of Rashi.

That evening, at Lynette’s house, Lynette, Lydia and Rashi are all sat at the dining table eating a meal cooked by Lydia. Rashi says it’s the best she’s ever done and he asks what’s in it. Lydia then begins to list the ingredients, and finishes by saying there was one special ingredient. Lynette begs her not to say “love” because she’s already nauseous. Rashi then announces he’s going for a walk to help his digestive system, and then he leaves. When he leaves, Lydia sees Lynette eating ice cream and says it’s “poison”. Lynette agrees and reminds Lydia that she used to eat it all the time. Lydia acknowledges that, but then says she’s changed and she wants to help Lynette change. Lynette says she’s lying and says she’s only here to rub her happy relationship in her face. Lydia tries to stop herself from yelling at Lynette and she reminds herself she’s in a bubble of loving energy. Lynette says that once Rashi leaves her, Lydia will be back to her normal, neurotic self. Lydia tells Lynette she is very mean that she hates her. Lynette then sees the true Lydia surfacing. Lydia tells Lynette all her life she treated her like a screw-up, but now she’s the screw-up and she yells joyfully over and over that she loves it. With that, Rashi says “wow”, revealing he heard the whole thing. The two look at him with shock, and then he leaves the house, speechless at Lydia’s behavior. Lydia then sadly runs after Rashi, leaving Lynette feeling guilty.

Act IV[]

803 15
Lydia tells Lynette that Rashi left her.

The next morning, Lydia is sat in Lynette’s kitchen sadly eating ice cream with a glass of wine nearby. Lynette enters the room and sees the state Lydia is in, so she asks if Rashi is gone, which she says he is. Lynette asks if he dumped her, but Lydia explains he needed to meditate on if he can still marry Lydia after seeing the “real her”. Lynette then comfortingly says that if was Rashi was so quick to leave, then he may not be the guy. However, Lydia says he is, but she’s just not the girl. She then explains that she thought she could put her “loser stuff” behind her, and actually have a stable relationship. Lynette then suggests Lydia go talk to Rashi, but Lydia explains she can’t, because Rashi told her that her energy is no longer welcome in the Yurt.

803 16
Renee assures Lee that he and Bob are great parents.

Meanwhile, while Renee is about to enter her house, Lee rushes up behind her and impatiently asks where Jenny is. Renee explains that she hasn’t got her, because she’s been out all afternoon. Lee tells Renee he doesn’t trust her, and he lets himself into her house. He then starts to call out for Jenny, but Renee insists she isn’t here. Lee explains he isn’t talking to Renee, as he, Bob and Jenny were a happy family before she got involved, however, Renee explains that Lee is the one who forced her to take Jenny shopping. Lee then tells Renee she “clawed” onto Jenny because she hasn’t got kids of her own, leaving her speechless. However, with that, Jenny suddenly yells from the stairs that it isn’t Renee’s fault. Jenny tells Renee and Lee that she snuck in through the back window, and apologizes. Lee asks what’s going on with her, so Jenny explains that she likes being at Renee’s house ad that sometimes she thinks it’d be “cool” to have a mother. In a panic, Lee asks what he can’t do that a mother can, so she tells him he can’t go to the “ladies room” with her. Annoyed, Lee yells, saying she got him and then he sarcastically says he understands why having two dads is horrible. Realizing the situation is becoming awkward, Renee tells Jenny to go into the kitchen. When she’s gone, Lee sadly sits down on the sofa. He then tells Renee his worst nightmare has come true, and he begins to wonder if he and Bob aren’t enough, and Jenny does need a mother. Renee then bluntly tells Lee to shut up. She then assures Lee that Jenny doesn’t really want a mother, as she’s only a kid, and then she tells him that he and Bob are both great parents, and that Jenny is a great kid too. Lee thanks Renee, and then takes back calling her an “insensitive bitch”, however, Renee says she doesn’t recall him saying that, so Lee tells her not to open her emails.

803 17
Lynette convinces Rashi to take back Lydia.

A little while later, at Rashi’s Yurt, he is leading a meditation group as Lynette quietly enters. She shuffles around the small aisles, bumping into a few people on the way, as Rashi chants. She then reaches Rashi, and he awkwardly asks what she’s doing, so she tells him she needs to talk. Rashi tells her he can’t at the moment, so Lynette threatens to sing Ethel Merman. Calling her bluff, Rashi refuses to talk to her, forcing Lynette to stand up and sing “There’s no business like show business” at the stop of her lungs. Rashi covers her mouth and then drags her outside. Lynette tells Rashi that he cannot leave Lydia. He says he doesn’t want to, and that he didn’t recognize the woman yelling at Lynette. Lynette says that she turns her into that person every time they meet and that she didn’t recognize the happy and in-love Lydia. Rashi then explains it’s hard for him to be around people like Lynette and Lydia, because they remind him of his family. He then explains that his name isn’t Rashi, but it’s Herbert Brickmeyer. Lynette tells Rashi that Lydia doesn’t act like a “Brickmeyer” until she “pushes her buttons”. Lynette then asks Rashi to give Lydia time to find her bliss, so Rashi, smiling, says he’ll think about it.

Act V[]

803 18
Lynette accepts that she ruined her marriage.

Some time later, Lynette arrives home to find Lydia sat on the floor, smiling happily. She tells Lynette that Rashi called and that he decided he wanted to be with her as he knows she’s changing and he’s willing to be patient. Lynette cheers joyfully and she agrees with Rashi that she is changing. She then explains that her changing is probably why she’s been so horrible to her…because she’s jealous. Lydia asks why, so Lynette explains that she “mounts” relationships and she makes them go the way she wants them too and that nobody can disagree with her. Lydia asks if that’s what happened with her and Tom, so Lynette says “Oh, yeah”. Lydia then tells Lynette that she can change too, but Lynette doesn’t think she can, however, Lydia assures Lynette she can, because she recognizes her problem. She then says a wise man once said “To begin the journey of change, we must tug on the boots of self awareness”. Lynette asks if that man was Rashi, so Lydia smiles and says “Isn’t he adorable?”.

803 19
Carlos and Susan hide from Mike.

Back at Community Service, Carlos and Susan are still painting over the graffiti on the wall as they discuss To Kill a Mocking Bird, however, while talking, Carlos refers to one of the actors in the movie edition, leading Susan to realize he never actually read the book. As Carlos explains why, Susan notices Mike driving by and turning around to reach Susan. Susan warns Carlos, and they both run away to hide from Carlos. As Mike gets closer, Susan and Carlos decide to hide in the back of a black van. They shut the door behind them and wait silently in anticipation. They check to see if Mike stopped, but they can’t see his car. As they wait for the all clear, the tension inside the van builds up… and then the sexual tension between them grows too. However, they soon return to reality, and realize what they’re doing is a bad idea. So, they exit the van, but as they do, they find Mike waiting outside. The second Mike sees Carlos, he punches him square in the face. Susan steps in front of Carlos and asks what Mike is doing. Mike then tells Susan that when she’s done with her “boyfriend”, that they need to talk. He then heads back to his car, so Susan checks if Carlos is okay.

803 20
Bree thinks Chuck is going to arrest her.

Later that afternoon, Bree is sat in her living room, drinking tea, as Chuck comes through the front door. She kisses him and asks him how his day was, so he tells her it was quite stressful. Bree says hers was too, so she suggests a long walk. Chuck says he has a better idea and he tells her he wants to take her somewhere special. Chuck opens his suitcase and takes out the brown envelope, saying it’s a surprise. Bree, thinking he’ll take her to the police station, says she doesn’t like surprises, but Chuck smiles and says he does. Chuck asks if she’s ready to go, so she nervously asks to go freshen up to stall him.

803 21
Gaby tells Bree she'll follow her.

Meanwhile, in Gabby’s back garden, Gabrielle is stood, picking petals of flowers while she waits anxiously for Bree. Suddenly, her phone rings… its Bree. Gabby asks if she has gone yet, but Bree tells her that he’s taking her out and he has the envelope, and that he won’t say where they’re going. Gabby, thinking he’s taking her to the police station as well, says she’ll follow them. Back at Bree’s house, Bree comes down her stairs, ready to leave. Chuck, noticing she’s in the same clothes, says he thought she was changing. Bree says she did change... but her attitude, and now she wants to go out. As they leave the house, Chuck has a suspicious/nervous look on his face.

Act VI[]

803 22
Bree distracts Chuck while Gaby gets the envelope.

A little while later Chuck and Bree enter a posh restaurant. Chuck asks a waitress for a table in the corner for some privacy, but Bree, becoming scared of Chuck, asks for a table near noise and lots of people. They then sit down, but Chuck is not happy with the table placement. Then, suddenly, Gabrielle enters the restaurant. Bree sees her and gives her a sort of nod. So, knowing the envelope is in his jacket, Bree asks if he’s warm in it, to make him take it off. He does, revealing the envelope on the outside; Gabrielle sees it. Chuck says they should order first, and then they can talk. As Chuck looks at his menu, Bree looks at Gabby, indicating her to get the envelope. She tip-toes forwards, and Bree distracts Chuck by making him look at the menu even more. Gabrielle then starts searching through the pocket of the jacket, but she can’t find the envelope, so Bree moves Chuck to look right, so Gabby can check the other pocket. When Chuck turns to look for a menu, Bree grabs his face and kisses him. Gabby then finds the envelope and runs away. Bree then excuses herself, so she can freshen herself up.

803 23
Bree and Gaby learn that Chuck was going to propose.

Seconds later, Bree and Gabby meet up in the bathroom of the restaurant. Bree asks what she thinks is in the envelope; Gabby says it could be a bone, so she passes it to Bree. So, Bree, without hesitation, takes the item out of the envelope, revealing it to be a ring case. The two women look in horror when they realize what it is. Gabby awkwardly says it could be a tooth, so Bree opens it, revealing a large engagement ring. Bree then realizes that Chuck photographed her hand while sleeping so he could work out her ring size. Gabby says that it doesn’t mean Chuck didn’t send the letter, but Bree disagrees. Gabby says it’s a relief because he isn’t blackmailing her, but Bree, in a panic, says that he wants to marry her. Gabby asks what she’s going to do, so Bree says she’ll try her best to let him down easy, as he’s not the man she wants to spend the rest of her life with.

803 24
Carlos tells Mike about Alejandro.

Meanwhile, at Susan’s house, Susan enters in a hurry looking for Mike. Mike tells her if she’s having an affair with Carlos, then she should just say it. Carlos then enters the house too, and says there’s no fast way to say it. Mike asks what he’s doing here, so Carlos says they’re going to tell him the truth. Susan explains that about a month ago, at the progressive dinner, something happened. Mike sighs and tells her to just tell him what happened. There is silence for a moment, but then Carlos tells Mike that he killed Gabrielle’s step-father, Alejandro. Mike, surprise, is speechless. Susan then goes on to explain that she, Bree, Gabby and Lynette helped cover it up.

803 25
Chuck doesn't take being dumped too well.

Back at the restaurant, Bree comes up behind Chuck and she hugs him, while sneaking the envelope back into his jacket pocket. Bree apologizes for taking so long, but Chuck says it’s not a problem as it gave him time to drink some wine to calm his nerves. Bree says she wishes she could have a drink. Chuck asks what she has to worry about, so she says she has something important to tell him. Chuck, becoming excited, wonders if it’s the same thing as him…but Bree assures him that it isn’t. She tells Chuck he’s an amazing man and she’s enjoyed their time together, but Chuck stops her, asking if she’s breaking up with him. Bree just stares sadly at him, indicating “yes”. Devastated, Chuck says he was about to propose to her. Bree apologizes for possibly misleading him, but Chuck becomes angry and yells that she did mislead him. Bree begs him not to shout, but he goes on to yell that she’s two different people; the one he has fun with and connects with, and the one who has all the secrets. Chuck asks if there’s another guy, but Bree assures him there isn’t. Chuck then yells at the top of his voice, telling her not to lie. Bree pulls back, shocked and embarrassed as everyone in the room stares at them. He then associates the possible “other man” with the one who sent Bree the letter that made her all nervous. Chuck says he protects the people he cares about, but he doesn’t care about her anymore. As he gets up to leave, he evilly tells Bree that she made a very big mistake. He then exits the restaurant, leaving Bree horrified.

803 26
Mike walks away from Susan after learning the truth.

A little while later, we see Bree applying make-up on her face to hide the tears that she cried after breaking up with Chuck. We then see Lee putting nail-varnish onto Jenny’s nails; they both smile at each other. And then we see Lydia putting a spiritual necklace on Lynette; they both smile and giggle at each other, showing they’ve finally forgiven one another. And finally, we see Susan sat on her living room couch with Mike, explaining what happened on the night of Alejandro’s death. She’s visibly upset as she talks to him. Mike then stands up and exits the room with a clearly disappointed face that seems could never forgive Susan for what she did. As he leaves, Susan bursts out crying as Carlos just stands against the wall, unsure what to say.

Yes, the residents of Wisteria Lane are skilled at the art of concealment. They know how to cover the evidence of a messy breakup, to compensate for what their children might be missing, and to spare the feelings of a loved one who’s taste they may not share. But for some, the art of concealment comes at too great a cost, and so they find themselves forced to reveal the truth, even at the risk of facing an uncertain future.
Mary Alice Young


  • The title of this episode comes from a lyric in the song "Beautiful", taken from the Stephen Sondheim musical Sunday in the Park with George.
  • Although credited, Doug Savant (Tom Scavo) and Madison De La Garza (Juanita Solis) are absent from this episode. However, Tom does show up, with his back turned to the camera, portrayed by an uncredited extra.
    • This episode ends a streak of 117 appearances for Savant as Tom, which put him in the position of series regular to appear in the most episodes in a row without having been featured in all the episodes.


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