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"Who's That Woman?" is the fourth episode of Desperate Housewives.


Previously on Desperate Housewives[]

Susan played with fire. Gabrielle found herself a playmate. Lynette couldn't get her kids to stop playing. And Bree played hard ball. Everyone has a little dirty laundry.
Mary Alice Young

Susan burns down Edie's house. Edie then tells Martha that the measuring cup she found doesn't belong to her. (PilotAh, but underneath )

Gabrielle is seen arguing with Carlos. She later calls John and they are seen making out. (Pretty Little Picture)

Lynette is pulled over by an officer. ("Pretty Little Picture")

Bree sabotages Rex's plan of sleeping downstairs. ( "Pretty Little Picture")


When I was alive, I maintained several different identities. Lover, wife, and ultimately victim. Yes, labels are important to the living. They dictate how people see themselves. Like my friend Lynette. She used to see herself as a career woman, and a hugely successful one at that. She was known for her power lunches, her eye-catching presentations, and her ruthlessness in wiping out the competition. But Lynette gave up her career to assume a new label: the incredibly satisfying role of full-time mother. But, unfortunately for Lynette, this new label frequently fell short of what was advertised.
Mary Alice Young

Lynette clashes with Porter and Preston's teacher on medicating her twins, after she learns they painted Tiffany Axelrod blue at school. Lynette suggests they be separated in class.

Lynette, Gaby, Susan, and Bree listen to Mary Alice's tape with Dr. Goldfine, and learn Mary Alice's real name was Angela. Unsure of what to do with the tape, Susan suggests they show Paul the note Mary Alice received, as he will be moving soon.

As Susan washes the dishes, she stares at Mike, who is shirtless and working on his lawn outside. When Julie asks why she doesn't ask Mike on a date, she responds that she's trying to play hard-to-get. Meanwhile, Edie is promiscuously washing her car outside to catch Mike's attention. Julie hands over a piece of Mike's junk mail she had kept, and hands it to Susan for an excuse to go speak with Mike. Edie expresses her frustration to Martha Huber about Susan liking Mike.

Lynette is called to school once more, as her twins refuse to be separated. She struggles to separate them, as their teacher watches.

Meanwhile, Gaby is taking a romantic bath with John Rowland, when the cable guy, three hours late, rings the doorbell. As John leaves, he accidentally leaves one of his socks.

Overcompensating after her fight with Rex, Bree cooks an elaborate dinner, to which Danielle and Andrew realize their parent's marriage is over, and Andrew storms out.

The cable guy slips and falls in the bathroom, hitting his head on the tub and requiring medical attention. Carlos, now home, becomes suspicious of the late hour at which the cable guy was there, as well as the romantic, candlelit bathroom.

Martha visits Susan with mincemeat pie, and comments on how desperate Susan is for Mike, as she burned down Edie's house for him. When Susan calls her crazy, Martha Huber pulls out Susan's burnt measuring cup that she found in Edie's home as evidence.

Bree confronts Andrew, asking him where he was last night, to which Andrew responds that Bree has no moral authority, as she lied to Andrew and Danielle about Rex being invited last-minute to speak at a medical conference in Philadelphia, when in reality Rex had moved out.

Carlos discovers John's sock under the bed and confronts Gaby. Gaby claims the sock is Yao Lin's, as she prefers to use socks instead of rags to clean.

Martha bumps into Susan at the market checkout line. Mike invites Susan to the Rialto for a Alfred Hitchcock retrospective. While Susan would like to say yes, she turns him down in front of Martha Huber. She then blackmails Susan into paying for her groceries.

Lynette and Bree discuss whether or not Lynette should medicate her children. Gaby and Susan arrive, and the four of them show Paul Young the letter Mary Alice received the day she committed suicide. Paul breaks down, and abruptly leaves.

Gaby shows up to John's soccer practice after school and gives him a pair of sandals, and tells him he can never be seen around Carlos wearing something resembling a gym sock.

Andrew is absent again. When Bree tries to call him, he hangs up, leading to Bree breaking into his room. She finds a business card to Topsy Turvey. There, she finds Andrew with his friends, Heath and Ian, who hurriedly leave after seeing Bree.

Martha calls Susan, saying her $600 water heater broke. Susan confesses that she accidentally burned Edie's house down to Julie. Susan considers going to the police, but Julie objects, saying it'll be an excuse for Karl to reopen fights over custody.


What type of person would send such a note? Was it an enemy? Of course. But what kind? An acquaintance? A stranger? Or how about a neighbor that lives a few feet away?
Mary Alice Young