"Who's That Woman?" is the fourth episode of Desperate Housewives.


Previously on Desperate Housewives

"Susan played with fire. Gabrielle found herself a playmate. Lynette couldn't get her kids to stop playing. Bree played hard ball. Everyone has a little dirty laundry."

Mary Alice Young

Susan burns down Edie's house. Edie then tells Martha that the measuring cup she found doesn't belong to her. (PilotAh, but underneath )

Gabrielle is seen arguing with Carlos, she later calls John and they are seen making out. (Pretty Little Picture)

Lynette gets pulled over by an officer. The latter asks if she knows why she was pulled over. ("Pretty Little Picture")

Bree sabotages Rex's plan of sleeping downstairs. The latter complains on how he is not getting proper sleep. ( "Pretty Little Picture")


"When I was alive, I maintained several different identities. Lover...wife...and ultimately victim. Yes, labels are important to the living. They dictate how people see themselves. Like my friend Lynette, she used to see herself as a career woman


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