This workman was one of the men that helped redecorate Gabrielle's living room. He pointed out Alejandro's bloodstain to Gaby, but was told it was red wine.


At 4349 Wisteria Lane, Gabrielle opens her door for Claudia and Susan. Gaby welcomes Claudia, saying it’s nice to meet her. Claudia asks what she wanted to talk about, so Gaby invites her inside. Susan waits outside and allows the others some privacy. As they head inside, Susan notices Marisa sat in a car on the street. Back inside the house, Gaby leads Claudia through the living room and she explains it’s being redecorated. One of the decorators stops Gaby and asks her about a red stain under the carpet. Knowing its Alejandro’s blood, she lies and tells him its red wine. He tells Gaby they’re going to remove it after lunch, pleasing her. ("What's the Good of Being Good")

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