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"Your Fault" is the 13th episode of Desperate Housewives.



Lynette's father-in-law, Rodney Scavo arrives in town on business and stays with them. However when Lynette catches Rodney fooling around on their couch with another woman, she throws him out on the street. After Tom manages to get things smoothed over he tells Rodney that everyone makes mistakes-- including himself.


Susan catches Zach and Julie making out and demands Paul to do something about it. Zach then invites Julie to a school dance which Susan and Paul monitor. After the dance, Paul tells Zach about his background and why he keeps seeing visions from the past. When Zach comes over to apologize to Susan and to bring Julie flowers, he has an outburst which gets him banned from seeing Julie--ever.


Rex tries to reconcile with Bree who is not budging and warns George to stay away from Bree.


Gabrielle is asked by John's parents to persuade him to go to college and move back home or they will go to the authorities. Gabrielle does as she is told but when John refuses and proposes instead, she must decline since she is still married and in love with Carlos.


  • Although credited, Edie Britt (Nicollette Sheridan) and Mike Delfino (James Denton) do not appear in this episode.
  • Tom mentions “something that Lynette doesn’t know about” in a conversation with his dad. It is still not entirely clear what Tom meant by this, but the most likely situation is his working with ex-girlfriend Annabel Foster which is brought up seven episodes later in Fear No More.
  • The song that plays while Susan and Paul dance together is "Dust in the Wind" by Kansas.
  • The episode title Your Fault comes from the Stephen Sondheim musical, Into the Woods.
  • French Title: Mon beau-père, mon mari et moi (My father-in-law, my husband and I)
  • German Title: Ertappt! (Caught!)
  • Hungarian Title: A te hibád! (Your fault)
  • Italian Title: Colpa tua (Your fault)
  • Spanish Title: Tu culpa (Your fault)


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